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Woodhenge lies around a mile north east of its big sister, the more famous Stonehenge and only two miles North West of the Holiday Inn Salisbury - Stonehenge. It isn’t quite as dramatic as Stonehenge but it is definitely worth visiting if you have time. It is an English Heritage site and there aren’t really opening hours as such but please be aware that there may be restrictions over the summer solstice. There are some lovely walks in the area, parking is free, and there is plenty of grass and some picnic benches if you want to stop for a bite to eat – although there aren’t any facilities as such.

A henge is essentially a type of earthwork consisting of a circular bank with an internal ditch, and Woodhenge is thought to be such a structure, incorporating burial mound. It is thought to date back to around 2,300BC but has since been destroyed by ploughing. It was only discovered via an aerial photo when its six concentric oval rings became apparent. Woodhenge has since been reconstructed using concrete markers to show where wooden posts would have been, and they really bring this impressive site to life.

Just 60 meters to the north of Woodhenge, you will find Britain’s largest henge - the Durrington Walls. Measuring around 520 x 450 metres, it is now just a large circular grassy bank and ditch, but do take the time to ponder over things that have happened here over the last 2,500 years. It was once the site of an important and bustling settlement, and a place where feasts and rituals were held.

Where to Stay

Why not book into the Holiday Inn Salisbury-Stonehenge and take the time to explore Woodhenge, the Durrington Walls and the other nearby Neolithic sites such as Stonehenge. Spend a day or two exploring these ancient landscapes and then relax in this beautiful contemporary hotel which boasts the superb Solstice Bar and Grill.