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Stonehenge Visitor Centre

Stonehenge Visitor Centre

What do a grape cup, a collared urn and the forensically reconstructed head of an Early Neolithic man all have in common? Well, they’re all on display here for the public to see at the brand new Stonehenge Visitor Centre.

Stonehenge has fascinated mankind for thousands of years and this new development allows visitors to indulge their curiosity in the rich tapestry that is the history of the site. The Visitor Centre opened in December 2013 and is the first phase of a £27M project to transform the Stonehenge experience.

The centre features a vast collection of more than 250 objects including a real skeleton of a Neolithic man on which the forensically reconstructed head is based. The centre also boasts a 360 degree “Stand in the Stones” gallery which transports visitors back in time, allowing them to experience Stonehenge in past eras.

The archaeological finds included in the displays were curated by English Heritage experts and until now had never been seen together before. They all come from the original site and are on loan from various museums and institutions such as Salisbury & South Wiltshire Museum, the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes, the Duckworth Collection and the University of Cambridge.

The Visitor Centre is a ten minute ride away from Stonehenge on a Land-Rover-powered land train. The centre will soon be complemented by an outdoor gallery of reconstructed Neolithic houses. They will be finished with accurately-reconstructed furniture of the time, giving visitors a glimpse into the lives of those who built Stonehenge.

The Visitor Centre appeals to the imagination of anyone interested in this fantastic attraction or seeking answers about its origins. This new development provides a far deeper understanding of this iconic monument and the artefacts and images truly bring the intriguing mystery and history of Stonehenge to life.

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