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Durrington Walls to Stonehenge Circular Walk

Durrington Walls to Stonehenge Circular Walk

Wiltshire is a beautiful place for walking, and if you are interested in history, especially the Neolithic period, then you must walk the Durrington Walls. Located in the same area as Stonehenge and its smaller relative Woodhenge, there is a fascinating walk that takes in all three sites. The sites are all run by the National Trust and the walk is outlined on their website. The walk is five miles and takes approximately four hours to complete allowing time to view Stonehenge, Woodhenge and the Durrington Walls, but really you can take as much or as little time as you like.

The Durrington Walls were thought to be one of the largest villages in northern Europe at one time. The open landscape of Salisbury Plain meant it became a natural gathering and settlement point as it was a different landscape to the natural woodland elsewhere. The Durrington Walls are essentially a large henge or ridge/bank measuring around 500 metres in diameter. Time has meant they now blend into the surrounding landscape, and unless you know what you are looking for, they could be overlooked. Archaeological excavations have revealed many objects within the Durrington Walls indicating the date of the henge and the activities and rituals that went on there.

Where to Stay

If you are interested in the Durrington Walls walk and exploring the area further then the Holiday Inn Salisbury-Stonehenge is the perfect place to stay. Located directly off the A303 and less than three miles walk from the Durrington Walls, you don’t even need to get in your car to reach the walk. The hotel has a pet policy and pets are allowed at the manager’s discretion , and if all that walking makes you hungry, then you will love the Solstice Bar & Grill. With a wide range of food and drink options on offer simply grab a table or pull up a bar stool and enjoy the hospitality while taking in the view from the huge picture windows.

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